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Artist Sandi Ciaramitaro - A Historic Preservationist





Award-winning Arizona fine artist creating original oil paintings, watercolors, and bronze sculpture since 2002. She explores the American Southwest as a visual narrator, a historic preservationist, creating a varied body of work that at once celebrates and preserves the area’s distinctive subject matter. Her works honor the region’s wildlife and native peoples as they capture poignant moments in the everyday.


2016-2018 Celebration of Fine Art, Scottsdale, Arizona

2012–2017 Hidden in the Hills Juried Studio Tour & Sale, Sonoran Arts League, AZ

2011–2015 Arizona Fine Art Expo, Scottsdale, Arizona

2012 Arizona Art Alliance, Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, Arizona

2011 Solo Show, The Farm at South Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona

2006–2010 Arizona Art Alliance Exhibitions

2010 Solo Show, Skye Restaurant, Peoria, Arizona

2007 Solo Show, Amaro Winery, Las Cruces, New Mexico


2008 Shooting Star Award, Arizona Art Alliance

2008 New Technique Award, Arizona Art Alliance


Feature article, Western Art Collector, October 2016

Featured on Arizona Morning, FOX 10, Phoenix, Arizona, February 2016

Cover art and feature article, Images Arizona, January 2016

Spotlight: Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour, Southwest Art, November 2015

December Gift Guide, Cowboys & Indians, November 2015

Artists of Note, Southwest Art, October 2015

Spotlight: Arizona Fine Art Expo, Southwest Art, January 2015

Southwest Painter, Phoenix Home & Garden, November 2014

December Gift Guide, Western Art Collector, November 2014

Feature article, the Foothills Focus, November 2014

Spotlight: Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour, Southwest Art, November 2014

Spotlight: Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour, Southwest Art, November 2013

Cook with Love and Paint with Passion!, Volumes 1–4, Sandi Ciaramitaro, 2012-2016

Event Spotlight: Arizona Plein Air Painters Show, Southwest Art, March 2012

Feature article, the Foothills Focus, October 2012

Spotlight: Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour, Southwest Art, November 2012


National Sculpture Society

Oil Painters of America

American Impressionist Society

Arizona Watercolor Association

Sonoran Arts League


Artist donor, TripleR Horse Rescue

Teaching assistant, Veterans Sculpting Class, Arizona Fine Art Expo

Volunteer fundraising, $80,000 for Sunshine Acres Children’s Home via Christmas Boutique event created by this artist

Volunteer fundraising, $30,000 for Arizona Cancer Relay for Life

Volunteer fundraising, $3,000 for Rose Care Cancer Center for Children


Artist Statement

As an artist working in the American Southwest, I seek to visually explore the rich, indigenous culture of the region that surrounds me. I want to honor and preserve the history of the area and its native peoples by creating beautiful, thoughtful artwork that engages viewers in their space. This vision materializes in both two- and three-dimensional work, including oil paintings and watercolors, along with bronze sculptures.

Venturing into my desert surroundings is like going back in time, and I seek to capture the energy of the place—both past and present—in my work. Nature has its own sound, unlike that of the city. I delight in the symphony of the wind passing through the crevices of the mountains as my brush responds to their conversation. I like to visit the desert alone, during that fleeting time between darkness and daylight, where I am educated by the changing colors of the sunrise. My passion is channeled through every brush stroke, as the elements of light and dark, warm and cool, texture and pattern play among themselves. When painting, I often enter “the zone” where I

am not thinking anymore, but painting directly from the heart.

My sculptures—both bas relief and in the round—are constructed completely by hand, so that I can foster that intimate connection between artist and material. I strive for high naturalism and precision detailing in these pieces, as I look to freeze a moment in time so that viewers can connect on visual and emotional levels.

Because I want to portray my subjects with historical accuracy, I research each one to verify its legitimacy within the canon of the region. I gather firsthand information about buildings, artifacts, and antique photographs that pique my interest from reference libraries, and regularly consult Native American historians and museum curators as well. Ultimately, my goal is to take the viewer along on my creative adventures so they may share in the powerful sensations that characterize the time, place, and culture I interpret in my art.



Arizona artist Sandi Ciaramitaro spent the first half of her life and career in Michigan, where she worked as a designer for one of the top three U.S. automakers. For more than a decade, Ciaramitaro utilized her degree in auto-body styling in the corporate world, while simultaneously honing her art skills on her own time. It wasn’t until 2001, when she and her family moved to Arizona, that she gave up industrial design for fine art, and began painting and sculpting full time. Today, Ciaramitaro has gained national recognition as a highly collectible painter of watercolors and oils, as well as a sculptor of bronze. “I love the desert and every facet of this state,” she says. “My desire is to bring the art enthusiasts into the world of the effervescent desert!”

Ciaramitaro lives and works in the Usery Mountains, where she finds continual solace and inspiration. “To peer upon the desert and watch the coyotes and javelina dart about in wild abandon is truly inspirational,” she muses. She also travels throughout Arizona, New Mexico, and California to discover fresh subject matter and vision. “Each location needs to inspire me when I am there, or it is simply not painted. Without that feeling of intimacy, a drawing is merely a picture. I want my audience to feel that they are with me, and that they can experience the meaning of the place when they step into the piece.”

Ciaramitaro’s passion emerges not only in her ability to capture the quintessence of her subject matter, but also in the very personal way she imparts her love of the Southwest to viewers. She maintains a close connection with her collectors, giving them first access to her new works and sharing with them the story behind each piece. Ciaramitaro considers her collectors partners in her process, gleaning not just affirmation, but insight from them. In that vein, her enthusiasm for art, community, and life continues to shine.

Ciaramitaro’s work has appeared in various publications, including Phoenix Home & Garden, Cowboys & Indians, the Peak, Southwest Art, Western Art Collector, and Images AZ magazines. She is a member of the National Sculpture Society, American Impressionist Society, Oil Painters of America, and the Arizona Watercolor Association.

Copyright © 2017 by Sandi Ciaramitaro


NOW!! Exhibiting at the Celebration of Fine Art January 13 - March 25, 2018

Sandi is there working  Daily   10am - 6pm

Loop 101 & Hayden Road at Exit 35 

Scottsdale, Arizona

Copyright © Sandi Ciaramitaro 2017

Copyright © Sandi Ciaramitaro 2017

Copyright ©

Sandi Ciaramitaro 2017